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Naomi’s Story

Naomi is one of the many young moms we work with whose plans were derailed by unforeseen challenges. Since she was eight years old, she dreamed of becoming a doctor. She had been raised in the foster system and recently experienced the grief of losing her brother by murder. She persevered and got into college, but in her junior year, the pandemic hit and classes went online. Naomi chose to wait for classes to resume in person, and during that time she became pregnant. Moving to Wisconsin to be with her child’s father, she began to experience domestic violence, and while escaping this dangerous situation, she also became homeless.

Her dreams on hold, Naomi went into survival mode seeking support and housing. She found New Moms and moved into our housing program just two weeks before giving birth to healthy and beautiful Giovanni. Because of New Moms, Naomi and her son had a safe home to come back to and begin their life together.

As a new parent, she also has the support of New Moms coaches to lean on. Naomi recalled her coach, Magy’s, guidance: “She helped me understand my son. Because this is my first time parenting, I don’t know what to look for or what to work on specifically. Little things that she pointed out has helped me keep my son on track.”

Since starting at New Moms, Naomi has had the support she needs to get back on track to pursue her dream. She has eagerly joined every program we offer, including our Job Training and Academic Coaching programs. Just this May, she began a new job at Candycopia, a local employment partner who is passionate about supporting New Moms’ mission. And Naomi is re-enrolled in college classes part-time to work towards completing her Bachelor’s degree!

As part of our 2022 Valentine’s Day Celebration, young moms in our Academic Coaching program were asked to write love letters to themselves and/or to their children. Here are Naomi’s letters in her own words:

What do you love about yourself?

Naomi, I love you for hanging on and continuing to be a positive person who goes for the best she can dream of in the world.

Naomi, I love you for being a friend to everyone. You’ve been taught through your own life that it is rough and treats people unfairly even when it looks as if everything could be better. And with that lesson, you have chosen to be that light that someone else might need to get through their personal dark.

Naomi, I love you for being strong in your beliefs and defense. You are a force to be reckoned with, and will stand up to anyone in any position for what is right. That is bravery and a rare trait, but you have it!


Write a love letter to your child

Dear Giovanni,

I love you more than words can say. You came to me at a time when everything was confusing, empty, falling apart. You came to me as a complete baby boy, full of laughter and curiosity, while I was full of fear and doubt about being the best I could be for you when I felt like everything I could’ve offered you was no longer an option.

But here you are. Here with everything you could need and more. Beyond content with our little family, our little studio, our busy schedule, full of a lot of love. Thank you for being the smile that greets me every morning, rain or shine. Thank you for finding joy in the little silly things I do and thank you for loving me. Gio, no matter what, and for everything, I love you!