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PLanned giving

Next Generation Society:
A Lasting Legacy

The Next Generation Society provides an opportunity to extend your impact and create a lasting legacy through planned giving. By including New Moms in your estate plans, you can ensure that your values and commitment to young families continue to resonate for generations to come.

For Beth and Chris, the experience of poverty is very personal. Both struggled with poverty growing up and know what it’s like to have no money and be seen as less than because of their economic status. Today, they are people of modest means, but planned giving has offered them a powerful way to support causes that are meaningful to them, like New Moms.

New Moms aligns with their hearts to support people with the tools and relationships they need as they climb out of poverty. They are drawn to New Moms as a faith-inspired organization that works to address issues of poverty and partner with families to help them accomplish their goals for their future.      

Beth encourages everyone to remember charity in their estate plans regardless of their economic situation. “The gifts you give through your estate plans are the biggest gifts you will make through your entire life. The accumulation of your life’s work will go somewhere — you want to be in the position to make the decision of who you are going to bless as a result of your life’s work.”

Naming New Moms as a beneficiary in your estate is a simple and powerful way to leave a legacy gift that will have a multigenerational impact. If you plan to, or have already made a legacy gift to New Moms, please let us know by emailing Jenna Hammond at​ so that we can personally thank you.