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Priscilla’s Story

Priscilla is 20 years old. She and her 15-month-old daughter came to New Moms when her daughter was just an infant, after her family kicked her out of their home. Priscilla enrolled immediately into the Housing program, and the Academy of Professional Development (now known as the Job Training program). From the start, Priscilla wanted to take advantage of every service New Moms had to offer — and with a career goal of becoming a social worker to help other young mothers like herself, Priscilla excelled at Bright Endeavors. During her transitional job, she mentored other participants, developing her leadership skills.

While at Bright Endeavors, Priscilla was accepted into the Chicago Housing Authority program. She moved from New Moms’ Transitional Housing into her own apartment, where she has been stably housed for six months.

During her transitional job at Bright Endeavors, Priscilla began searching for permanent employment. She was invited to interview with several companies, without being offered a job. When a new 6-month Team Leader position opened up at Bright Endeavors, Priscilla applied, and was offered the position. Since her start, she has trained more than 40 participants in candle making, inventory, customer service, shipping, and bookkeeping.

Over time, Priscilla has become a confident, professional leader. She is kindhearted and thoughtful, patient but persistent with the teams she manages. She has developed strong conflict resolution skills, and has become an excellent communicator.

In addition, during her transitional job, Priscilla fueled a conversation about famine in Somalia, which prompted participants to come together and form a new product — allowing Bright Endeavors to raise several hundred dollars for famine relief, which was donated to WorldVision.

After her 6-month Team Leadership position ended, Priscilla gained full-time employment at AirServ, assisting disabled travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport — something she believes will give her great experience, as she continues to work toward her career goal.

This fall, Priscilla enrolled in college courses, to obtain her Associate’s degree, before pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.