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Show moms you see them this Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day, recognize the hard work and determination of moms in your community


Being a mother is tough, no matter who you are. Add barriers like lack of a supportive community, systemic racism, unstable housing, and job loss — and it can make it feel impossible. Moms in our programs face these barriers with grit and courage, even during a pandemic when these challenges have been magnified.

So this Mother’s Day, we’re giving you the opportunity to show the moms in our programs, and mother figures in your life, that you see and appreciate the effort they make every day.

You see their commitment, their love, their fierceness, and the obstacles they work to overcome.

Here’s how you can show your gratitude:

  • Donate $25(+) and write a note of appreciation and recognition for the moms in New Moms’ programs. We will print these notes out and post them up in the windows at our Transformation Center for families to see. Donate by May 5th to make sure your note is included.
  • Donate $100(+), and, in addition to a note for moms at New Moms, you can also send a candle from New Moms’ social enterprise, Bright Endeavors, to a mother in your life. Donate by April 30th to make sure the candle arrives on time for Mother’s Day.

When you give to New Moms this Mother’s Day, you’re telling all moms “I see you.” Thank you for supporting moms, and showing them just how much they matter. 


Need an idea for your note of appreciation to moms in our programs? Here are a couple of ideas for inspiration:

  • You probably don’t get told this enough but you’re amazing! Your strength is inspiring and the love you share with others makes a difference in the world. Thank you for giving motherhood your all!
  • Thank you for all of the hard work you put into being the best mom you can be. Your family and your community are better because of the compassion, determination, and thoughtfulness you share. You rock!