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Dominique – Stronger Than Ever

Dominique knows how important it is to have a community of support when life is overwhelming.

Before she found New Moms, she and her son had slept in cars and foreclosed apartments just to find safety and comfort for a night. Dominique says, “I felt low, like I was failing my son and myself. I worked—but not as many hours as I needed to take care of my son.”

For the last two years in New Moms’ Housing program, Dominique has worked closely with New Moms Coaches. “What really impacted me in this program is Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Teneca. They treated me with respect and nurtured me into the young lady that I am becoming. When I thought I had no one in my corner, I always had them. I’m forever grateful for them.” 

Dominique with the keys to her new home.

These supportive relationships with her coaches provided mental and emotional slack so she could focus on achieving her goals. Dominique took steps to secure stable housing—her biggest and most immediate goal for her family. Housing Locator Carolyn worked with Dominique every step of the way to get placed in subsidized housing. She recently signed a lease to a townhome in the neighborhood where she grew up, just 30 minutes away from her grandmother! 

Dominique accomplished her next major goal of finding employment. She now works at Potbelly Sandwiches, where she got a raise and was promoted to floor manager! Her smile says it all—she knows what it feels like to accomplish her goals.

“New Moms supported me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Without this program I don’t know what would have happened to us. It gave me a sense of security while trying to get my life together.” 

Dominique is excited about “having a home and just appreciating what we have right now. I’m excited for my son to have sleepovers, and little play dates together with his friends. I’m excited I get to cook dinner and breakfast for my son, not worrying about if we have to move or if we are being a burden to anyone.”

Reflecting on how much she has grown since coming to New Moms, Dominique shares, “I’m glad I overcame thinking I couldn’t give my son the life he needs. I’m now stronger than ever and I’ll never let that fear take over me again. Thank you New Moms!”