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Defining Purpose 

Economic instability creates added stress on young moms as they define their purpose and pursue a future for their families. At New Moms, each young mom is surrounded by a supportive community that walks alongside her. Through our comprehensive programs and multi-generational approach, young moms take control of their lives by setting and accomplishing goals that move them closer to their vision of a strong future.

Before New Moms, Dilley worked temporary jobs without a clear career trajectory to help sustain her and her three young sons whose ages range from infant to 7.

Dilley felt stifled in her previous jobs. She knew her capabilities, but she was not encouraged to develop those skills.

“I used to work at a restaurant, and I was a crew trainer. They’d be like, ‘you’re a crew trainer, not a supervisor’,” Dilley shared. “I feel like I’ve always had some sort of push back, like, ‘hey, limit yourself. You’re not as big as you think.”

With the support of her career coach, Dilley hit the ground running. She had a new-found confidence in her leadership abilities and access to new career opportunities.

“Initially I thought I was just showing up to have an income for my children,” Dilley expressed. “The staff at New Moms showed me I was there for so much more! They showed me I was there to be the fierce leader I forgot I was.”

The work at New Moms takes a community that is committed to seeing every young family thrive. Your generosity makes a powerful, multigenerational impact on the lives of over 695 young moms and their children each year.

Our Fiscal Year 2024 is concluding, and now is an important moment for you to help young moms continue to be driven by their purpose and achieve positive outcomes for their families.

Give to New Moms today and be the community young families can rely on to build stable foundations and create lasting, bright futures.

With gratitude & hope,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Watch above to hear more about Dilley’s and other young moms’ partnerships with New Moms!