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Defining Purpose 

Economic instability creates added stress on young moms as they define their purpose and pursue a future for their families. At New Moms, each young mom is surrounded by a supportive community that walks alongside her. Through our comprehensive programs and multi-generational approach, young moms take control of their lives by setting and accomplishing goals that move them closer to their vision of a strong future.

Before New Moms, Dilley worked temporary jobs without a clear career trajectory to help sustain her and her three young sons whose ages range from infant to 7.

Dilley felt stifled in her previous jobs. She knew her capabilities, but she was not encouraged to develop those skills.

“I used to work at a restaurant, and I was a crew trainer. They’d be like, ‘you’re a crew trainer, not a supervisor’,” Dilley shared. “I feel like I’ve always had some sort of push back, like, ‘hey, limit yourself. You’re not as big as you think.”

With the support of her career coach, Dilley hit the ground running. She had a new-found confidence in her leadership abilities and access to new career opportunities.

“Initially I thought I was just showing up to have an income for my children,” Dilley expressed. “The staff at New Moms showed me I was there for so much more! They showed me I was there to be the fierce leader I forgot I was.”

The work at New Moms takes a community that is committed to seeing every young family thrive. Your generosity makes a powerful, multigenerational impact on the lives of over 695 young moms and their children each year.

Our Fiscal Year 2024 is concluding, and now is an important moment for you to help young moms continue to be driven by their purpose and achieve positive outcomes for their families.

Give to New Moms today and be the community young families can rely on to build stable foundations and create lasting, bright futures.

With gratitude & hope,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Watch above to hear more about Dilley’s and other young moms’ partnerships with New Moms!

Letter From the President: A Reflection of 10 Years

Dear Friends,

I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary serving as the President and CEO at New Moms. As I reflect on a decade of leading New Moms, I’m filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the journey. Our core values of love, grit, possibility, connection, and equity are the guiding force behind our work with the remarkable young mothers and their children we have the privilege to support. And over the last decade, I’ve watched New Moms become an even more distinctive and special place, with a nationally recognized model. Serving in this role has been the biggest privilege of my professional life. The New Moms community is full of grace, goodwill, and a relentless push toward excellence, and I’m grateful to be part of this unique and wonderful team.

Perhaps the question I’m often asked in my role is: “How do you know if New Moms is making a difference for the young families you serve?”

While I often find myself sharing data about our impact — our exceptional results on family well-being, economic mobility, and family stability measures — that presents an incomplete picture. Sometimes I give an example of a recent young family we served through a story about how their life changed as the result of accomplishing their goals. But that too, just tells part of the story.

The real answer is I can’t tell you…yet.

Because things, especially big, hard life transitions, take time. Getting a degree can lead to better job opportunities. Better financial options can ensure that you stay housed and have enough money for the essentials. And the stability of all these factors increases the emotional resources parents have for their children. But all these things take hard work, goal-driven persistence, and time.

We know that we’re just part of the story of a young family at New Moms. Our participants do the hard work and we come alongside them during a chapter on their journey — supporting, coaching, and cheering them on as they work to build strong families. And the result of their hard work? The impact of New Moms? That we will more fully know in a generation.

What I do know is that because of the support of New Moms, we are privileged to witness the beginning of this generational change. Dominique is now living in her own apartment and is beginning her career in her first job. Latoya refers back to the skills she learned at New Moms seven years ago which helped her weather job transitions during COVID and persist to pursue a career where she finds great opportunity — she’s even saving for a down payment on a home for her and her three boys! I do know that moms in our programs consistently express an increased confidence in their ability to lead their families and navigate the very real challenges that life brings their way. And I know that New Moms’ outcomes consistently surpass national averages compared to programs doing similar work. I know, because of each story, and the robust data that we collect, that New Moms is making a significant impact in this critical time in the life of a young family. It is this community of support that gives a young mom the space that she needs to build a foundation that will give her stability when she moves past her time with us.

New Moms celebrated our 40th anniversary last year, a natural moment to look back. Stories like Eliza’s, who was a young mom in our programs in 1995 and now provides leadership to New Moms as a member of our board of directors, show us that only when we look back can we really see the lasting impact of our work. We can see how an entire family was changed by their interaction with New Moms, and the children that were part of our community 25 years ago are now thriving adults. Multi-generational change is the long-game, and we’re here for it.

So, while 10 years feels like a long time, it’s not long enough to know the full impact. I’m going to stick around for a while longer because I want in on the impact — I want to be part of ensuring that every young family thrives.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Stick around and be part of the change!

With gratitude & hope,

Laura Zumdahl, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Poverty is Expensive…

It may seem counter-intuitive, but in reality, Poverty is Expensive. Poverty looks like: Hopelessness for families who can’t find a safe place to sleep at night A 19-year-old mother who didn’t graduate from high school, is struggling to find a job and has a baby who’s dependent on her Generations of families never rising above cycles of unemployment, gang involvement and drug use Decisions made out of desperation, leading to unstable, dangerous communities Poverty increases costs of police, government dependence, mental health and foster care services, and more.  It costs ALL of us more. Your support of New Moms helps the fight against poverty with a model of transformation that makes economic sense.
Thank You! – LaToya

When we fight poverty, amazing things happen. We see LaToya, a recent graduate from New Moms Workforce Development program, on a path towards self-sufficiency. She has a full-time retail job, and has already been promoted to assistant manager-providing stability and resources for herself and her son and daughter. But most of all she has hope, knowing the cycle of poverty stops with her. It’s been a particularly challenging year with the Illinois State budget impasse, which has left New Moms without 20% of our funding.  

Will you help us raise the $25,000 we need before our fiscal year end on June 30? Join us in this fight and make a gift today – providing hope and transformation for two generations of youth.