Hire a Graduate

Are you looking for motivated, well-trained employees? We encourage you to consider hiring a highly qualified graduate of New Moms’ Workforce Development (Job Training) Program.

Through this rigorous program we:

  • Equip participants with job skills and hands-on experience, tailored to fit the needs of employers in a multitude of fields.
  • Provide job retention support, to ensure that our participants are motivated, engaged, and equipped to handle any threats to employment retention.
  • Provide career-oriented life skills to participants, so they have the basic skills necessary, in order to parent effectively while retaining employment.
  • Provide job-focused literacy training and GED preparation, so participants are better able to succeed in the workplace and in life.

Why Partner with Us?
Employment partners work with New Moms because, first and foremost, our clients come prepared with the skills and motivation required to perform at high standards.They are ready to work, and they have New Moms’ word behind them: we guarantee support to both participant and employment partner.

Employment partners choose to work with New Moms, because they know it is good for the community. As our participants gain work experience and confidence, moving toward economic independence, they become stronger providers for their children, and become role models to other young women in the community.

Contact Us
Once you complete the form, one of our Employer Engagement Specialists will reach out to you to match you with qualified participants whose skills and interests are a fit with your needs; and help to prepare them for the culture and expectations of your workplace.  If you have any additional questions, you may email readytowork@newmoms.org.

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