Family-Centered Coaching

We recognize and believe in the strength, ability, and potential of all families, staff, and stakeholders.

Encompassing a variety of evidence-based practices, Family-Centered Coaching is the umbrella framework that unlocks opportunities for New Moms’ families to enhance skills, connect with resources, and construct foundations of wellbeing for the future.

Unlike transactional case management dynamics, the Family-Centered Coaching relationship places mom in the driver’s seat, and in control of her journey. Coaches are equipped with the training and tools needed to sustain positive partnerships with families and understand their own coaching efficacy.

All staff at New Moms create a safe and equitable community by understanding the effects of scarcity and systemic barriers and embracing a growth mindset. Coaches ask whole families open-ended questions and partner with moms to share resources and encouragement as moms identify and progress towards their goals.

In this safe, non-judgmental, and transparent environment, moms envision their hopes and dreams. They feel motivated by their ability to take sensible steps towards accomplishing their goals.

We are grateful to The Prosperity Agenda for their work to develop the Family-Centered Coaching model. Learn more about Family-Centered Coaching here.


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